monoprint workshop

“Great working environment and studio space. Very nurturing and laid back facilitating led to input and collaboration between participants. Process-centered workshop gave opportunity for pure experimentation and with all the materials at hand, it was easy to roll into the work…..”
Lacey, arts administrator

“Awesome, what’s a monoprint…..? So many things. Thanks for a great day of creating, meeting and working with new people. Being nourished both creatively and with great food. Wow! Thank you.” 
Wendy, art teacher

collage workshop

“Oh my, so fun! The available materials were very inspirational….the tools and drills….were all so easily accessible. Thank you for the tutorial, too. I leave feeling full and accomplished in my work and happy in the nurtured and new relationships created. A very special time.” 
Macklen, artist, art educator, yogo teacher

“Thanks, Shelley and Steve for a great experience – this has been a peaceful, explosion both internally and externally. The setting that you provide is stunning and serene….the time friday evening was very helpful – a coming together within – the flow was very helpful in finding things that had meaning and were representative for me. Many thanks and peace…..”
Elaine, social work professor

“Wonderful experience for a complete novice in a nurturing environment. I really appreciated all of the help with things I could not begin to do myself in a one-day workshop: sawing out shapes, plus powering my little candle to light up the world. Getting concrete suggestions from both Steve and Shelley to make my vision a reality was just what I needed. Shelley’s vegetarian dishes are delicious and art pieces in themselves. The studio space is ideal with plenty of room with the outside light, trees and birds transporting me completely away from a stressful work week. I will go back to my infant mental health work with new energy.”
Alice, family therapist and infant mental health specialist

collage workshop

“Wonderful, free experience. I love your space. You made it with love and it shows. Wonderful food.”
Sue, art educator

“I enjoyed the process and was able to let the creativity flow – thanks for creating such a great ‘space’ to play and create. The studio was set up with all of the necessary tools and the beautiful surrounding woods and decks are very conducive to letting the process flow. The gourmet lunch was fabulous – it was a total sensory experience. Thanks for your spirits of encouragement and love.”
Maureen, social worker

“I have worked with Steve years back when I was working on my b.f.a. It was so wonderful working with him again. He is the best in terms of thinking ‘what if?’ There is so much power in learning to think this way. It is the first question in a long line of possibilities…. how fun!”
Kathryn, artist/business woman

“This is, by far, one of the top 10 days of my life! I’ve had such fun. I think this is what heaven will be like…..all day creating art, surrounded by nurturing, supportive, creative people and eating the most gourmet food! I can’t thank you enough! What talented and giving hosts you are! Can't wait for the next one!!!” 
Wendy, artist

“Wonderful space! Gracious, knowledgeable hosts – I felt completely free to create, play, design and enjoy the inspiring environment. Today, I honored my artist and so did Shelley and Steve. Thank you so much.”
Rebecca, artist

“Great workshop! Peaceful, spiritual setting in the woods for inspiration. Group size was perfect! Shelley and Steve were wonderful/helpful and very accommodating to our needs. I am ‘in the moment of creating’ and I lose all track of time and just wanted it to last. It was a perfect day! I love your home and all of your personal touches. Lunch was fantastic! – being able to sit out on your deck enjoying nature and each other’s company made it so very special. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Judy, artist

monotype/collagraph workshop

“Steve and Shelley were perfect hosts and wonderful teachers! The balance of instruction, Encouragement and peacefulness are rejuvenating and it’s a ton of fun. Nick (the tech) brought a wonderful layer of instruction and talent to our day! The wonderful food puts the whole experience over a 10. Thanks for having us, again.”
Robin, executive creative director

“This was so great. I loved the immediacy of this activity and the opportunity to move from work to work. It was great because of a lack of worry about a singular end product. It was refreshing to be forced to make quick decisions.”
Sondy, art director/project manager

“Perfect! The food is amazing. You guys are amazing. Much love.”
Kelly, designer

“Had an excellent experience! The mindfulness time and judgment-free environment create a wonderful space for creative exploration.”
Doug, creative director

“Thought I knew what printmaking was. Now I really know what it is – seems to be a thousand ways to play with this process. Very fun and enjoyable time.”
Fred, designer/director of production

“This is a great creative outlet for anyone in the art or non-art fields. Our hosts were once again welcoming and helpful in the process. Great lunch! Great hospitality! Inspiring experience with the Mayses!”
Ed, illustrator/designer

“Amazing experience! I really enjoyed learning about being exposed to a new medium and process. Being put out of my comfort zone was just what i needed to get re-invigorated. Steve, Shelley and Nick were great. The food, as always, was wonderful. Thank you again for such a great day!”
David, artist and creative director

“So fun!! I loved the careful/thoughtful instructions at the beginning. Great demonstration. Great individual attention. Lunch was fantastic!.....”
Steve, senior illustrator/designer

collage workshop

“ This is one of the best ways I’ve spent a day in a long time. From the minute I/we arrived, I felt welcome and affirmed. The process of relaxing before work was surprisingly hard and surprisingly beneficial. The social aspect of eating together and creating together and laughing together was really gratifying…..and then to walk away with a very personal piece of art was the perfect finish. Thank you for your inspiration and hospitality!”
Robin, executive creative director

“This was so fun. Excellent team building opportunity. Your home feels so welcoming and warm – just really great energy and a great place to reset and let go. Absolutely wonderful meal, too. Thank you!”
Laura, account planner

“Super fun! Perfect. I feel spoiled…..awesome lunch, awesome house, awesome hospitality.”
Steve, illustrator

“This was the BEST DAY! I feel relaxed from the every-day monotony of cubicle life. I feel re-energized creatively and motivated to spend more of my free time creating.”
Sondy, art director/wizard

“Great space, lovely lunch. I’m impressed with the amount of studio access and materials available. 10/10; I would come again.”
Michael, illustrator

“You guys are absolutely charming. I love how the day was laid out and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You guys let me make art like a kid, again.”
Christina, art student

“Had a blast finding my inner kid and his creative spark! I could use a day like this at least once a month.”
Doug, creative director

“Awesome day today! Very fun. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Enjoyed way more than I expected. Great location – the Mayse house is very inspiring. Thanks for welcoming us into your home!”
Fred, designer

“I appreciate the openness, the lack of prompt or pressure. It’s refreshing not to be pushed to explain or defend a work, to instead just explore whether it’s new media or old standbys. The atmosphere is lovely and, if this is applicable on this form, the food was delightful for lunch. Thanks for the opportunity.”
Jessi, copywriter/designer

“Everything was incredibly well prepared! The additional collage materials were very helpful (and well organized) and really opened up new possibilities for me. Your studio space is, of course, phenomenal and I quite enjoyed hanging around the property. Lunch couldn’t have been better! As a vegetarian, it felt like a real first-class experience. Thanks for a wonderful day!”
Rosie, art student/intern

painting discovery workshop

“It was a growing experience. It is a process and I can see and feel a change for me – timid to bold. Thank you, Steve and Shelley for your time, energy and TLC. I look forward to the next workshop. Thanks for the creative experience.”
Sharon, art educator/artist

“Thank you for offering a home base to explore my painting and creativity. It was wonderful to shed judgments, responsibility and time in the soothing studio space. It was a freeing experience. In the beginning, I thought the time allowed would be too long. It seems to have worked out perfectly. Your support was very helpful and comforting. Thank you.”
Susan, artist

“I enjoyed this experience very much. I was fully unprepared for how it would feel to let myself paint, since it is completely new to me. I would encourage anyone who thinks they can’t find expression in painting to let go and give yourself the freedom to explore.”
Susan, account supervisor

“I was apprehensive to start with when I came to the workshop. I had to try very hard to turn off my expectations for and of myself. I was anxious and nervous with a blank white piece of paper facing me……but 3 paintings later (actually it only took one) and the worry and anxiety had disappeared. I felt so relaxed and relieved. the atmosphere was so comfortable which led even to more joy I felt while painting.”
Julie, art educator

“What an explosion – in a good way! There was such a sense of comfort and trust in that place….strangers and friends letting themselves go. Thank you for the opportunity to ask myself questions, say yes, say no and I don’t know. I am in a very happy place right now and look forward to my next creation – I feel like I got over a bunch of self doubt that bubbles up and am learning more to let go. Being a part of this gave me a place, time and support system to free my inner self.”
Macklen, artist, art educator and yoga teacher

collage workshop, june ‘16

“A magical experience – a nice combination of coaching and encouragement. Wonderful materials and examples of work/art. Really opened my mind to another world, one I need to spend more time with. Many thanks to Shelley and Steve. 
Joellen, social worker

“Today was a lovely gift of time to have freedom nurtured at the same time gain structured knowledge. I always wish for more time.
Elaine, social worker

the letter project, january '17

"Demdaco develops gift products that help customers connect with loved ones. We were seeking a way to inspire the staff and help them connect emotionally before beginning to work on concepts at the start of the year. Fresheyestudio created a workshop that allowed individuals to create pieces inspired by vintage letters. The letter project inspired conversation about relationships and hardships as pertaining to the stories (and feelings) within those letters. The team was able to decompress for the day and collaborate with peers regardless of area of discipline. The day was inspiring, the project fulfilling and the food was fantastic. Everyone came away with renewed engagement. The product concepts since, have been more in tune with emotional context and consumer need. Fresheyestudio was a great resource and something we'll leverage again in the future. Thanks Shelley and Steve. Peter, VP of product and marketing

"This was a great day. Enjoyed the time to think creatively with all of my co-workers."                       Stephanie, marketing manager

"Great experience - stimulated creative thoughts in a new way. Hospitality A++++. Completely non-threatening environment to be ourselves, but also to learn and to be inspired by Steve and Shelley and my co-workers."                                                                                                                           Julie, creative director

"What a fantastic experience! The workshop was fun, thought provoking and a great creative outlet. I really enjoyed the time spent with my co-workers and loved seeing everyone's completed projects. Steve and Shelley were warm and wonderful hosts and facilitators. Their creative space is ideal for workshops like the one that we had. Food was fantastic!"                                                                     Cathy, executive assistant

"I really enjoyed the workshop. It was a great way for team building. I enjoyed the food, the workshop program itself and the peaceful surroundings. Shelley and Steve were very welcoming. I am planning on going back with a small group of friends this summer for another workshop."           Ester, product designer

"I loved it! The ambience was welcoming, cozy and peaceful. The food was fantastic. The art project was very enjoyable, too. I enjoyed the time spent with colleagues and the stories we shared about our letters. This should be an annual event! Thank you Shelley and Steve for a great day."                       Suzanne, digital marketing manager

"What a great experience! The mix of history, art and story coming together made for a great time." Jonathan, cultural conversation leader

"Fresheyestudio provided myself and friends/co-workers a much needed break from screens and routine by immersing us all into our own unique experience/adventure into the past. The letter project allowed us to imagine and create an image all while briefly stepping into someone else's life. It's a one of a kind experience and I could not recommend it any higher. Thank you!"                       Kate, product designer

"You both are so lovely! Such a beautiful home. Thank you so much for wonderful food, day and activity! It was very fun to get out of my element and be creative. It kept my mind off my dog that was having surgery while I was there. I do hope the phone calls I had to take from the vet weren't too annoying....I am sorry I couldn't put my phone away. You were so sweet to help direct us to what materials might work best, too. All my best to you!"                                                                 Emily, marketing

PAT retreat, august '18 

"A wonderful place for team-building! Your studio is a peaceful, welcoming environment and we look forward to our annual retreat with you. We leave feeling refreshed and recharged!"                      Kicia, PAT coordinator

"I enjoyed being guided into a peaceful atmosphere and encouraged.....to regain my positivity!"         Pamela, parent educator

"Great at implementing relaxation into whatever we're doing. Pushes comfort level without being uncomfortable!"                                                                                                                                  Jennifer, parent educator

"I enjoyed the peace and calm of working on a piece of art....and the non-judgment and acceptance for who i am and what i made."                                                                                                          Anthea, parent educator                                                                                                       







(above fresheyestudio banner photo taken by Michael Regnier, www.regnierstudio.com)