Description: a one-day workshop to form collage images related to the individual artist’s intent.
(no previous experience needed).
Tools provided: glue, gesso, scissors, texture makers, matt knives, hot glue guns, brushes, drills, metal strikers, raised type applicators, nails, screws, magazines, paper, dremel tool and a substrate material of thin wood or masonite. Individual workstations are provided with a powerstrip and a library of art books for inspiration are available.
Schedule: saturday, 9-4, workshop with a simple breakfast, lunch and happy hour provided.
Things to bring: a sense of wonder, a chosen theme (or not), personal tools, mark making utensils, preferred found material (natural, mechanical, textures, patterns, metal, wood, anything necessary for that personal image building approach) of any kind.
CEU (cont. educational units): a syllabus and certificate description is available upon request.
Cost: to be determined by either unit price or group rate.
The workshop space: an artist’s studio space converted for group use, measuring 25’x33’, ample room for up to 18 people to function well within the space. The setting is located on a 2-acre peaceful wooded property with outside elevated decks for creative contemplation.
Facilitators: Steve Mayse, a professor of art and design for over 25 years at the Kansas City Art Institute, has been a practicing artist and illustrator for over 35 years with an m.f.a. in design from Kansas University. His work has been exhibited in many magazines across the nation, in galleries in Kansas City and the midwest, N.Y.C., L.A. and S.F., Ca., Australia and recently in the Czech Republic. Shelley Mayse is a licensed specialist clinical social worker with over 20 years experience. she has an m.s.w. from Kansas University, is a trained life coach and a conference presenter on creativity and wellness. She enjoys working with clients to foster personal and/or professional growth and believes in the power of the creative process to enhance and achieve life’s purpose.